Property Calculation
⇒ Saturated Vapor Pressure
⇒ Saturated Liquid Density
⇒ Liquid Dynamic Viscosity
⇒ Surface Tension
⇒ Heat of Vaporization
Property Estimation
⇒ Joback
Group Assignment

Prediction of Activity Coefficients

Calculation by the UNIFAC Model

Component 1
Component 2

A UNIFAC description is available in the German, French, and English Wikipedia.

This page uses the latest available parameters from Wittig R., Lohmann J., Gmehling J., "Vapor-Liquid Equilibria by UNIFAC Group Contribution. 6. Revision and Extension", Ind.Eng.Chem.Res., 42(1), 183-188, 2003 (available online).

New, updated and optimized parameters for UNIFAC, modified UNIFAC (Dortmund) and PSRK are available to UNIFAC Consortium members only. The Consortium mod. UNIFAC parameter matrix contains more than 1300 parameter pairs compared to about 650 published group interactions. A large part of the published parameters have been revised within the consortium.